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Published Clois Fics

Letters to the Blur (Published on 06.11.10)

 Lois writes a series of letters to The Blur. 


Unveiled (Published on 07.29.09)
Clark Kent doesn’t want to wait another minute. After the later events, he comes to think he deserves happiness too.

Waiting (Published on 06.07.09)
Lois remembers the time she spent in Star City while waiting for Clark on the coffee shop at the end of Infamous.

Closeness (5 Chapters) (Published on 05.10.09)
 Lois and Clark have grown closer than they imagine, but they are about to find out how much.

Revelation (Published on 05.02.09)
Clark thinks about Lana leaving and comes to an unexpected revelation.


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Clark Kent: Red City Chronicles... Coming Soon!

Layers: An Unveiled Sequel... Coming Soon!

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